OVERTURE: The patientguitar.com story

For those currently interested in guitar, bass, drum, piano or vocal lessons in the Plano, Texas area, I highly recommend my previous employers, who will be glad to assist you.

This site is now the repository of my online diary as a musician, replete with helpful tips I  have picked up along the way. (Commonly this will be a catalogue of errors to prevent others from stepping into the same pitfalls.) It’s also the archive of my previous – and often embarrassing –  amateur video efforts. A new project is forthcoming though I can make no promises on timeframe or qualitative increase. There’s also the book I wrote way back when, and other miscellaneous merriment and madness.

In other words, in many ways, this page is now a catalogue of my hobbies (though I’ll also talk at length about my current employer, the excellent fresh fruit office delivery company ORCHARD At The OFFICE. I’ll do my best to make it both entertaining and informative. Interformating.